Woman kayaking camp coming to Bovec, Soca Valley, Slovenia

An experience you'll never forget!

This is not just some kayaking trips, more like a community event with a bit of girl power gathering, encouraging each other to improve our skills in kayaking. Soca Valley is a dream destination for most kayakers from level II-V. This is a perfect event for you if you are new to this area and wanna discover the whole Valley and get to see one of the most beautiful river in Europe.

Why is this camp for you?

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What's Included

One kayaking session a day 3 hours on the water
Certified river guides on the sessions, with local knowledge of the river
Accomodations in rooms or bungalows
T-shirt of the event
Snacks on the sessions + one meal a day together (lunch or dinner)
River permit & shuttle
Party, campfire and tons of fun

Not included

Please contact if any additional info needed
Kayak and gear hire (hire from €30/day)
Pick up from airport or train station, however possible to organize
insurance for your activities & travel
Shuttles for afternoon activities, however possible to organize
Booking in advance is essential
The best gift

About the Program
The days are building up and every day we paddle on more challenging sections. *sessions may change due to weather and waterlevel conditions

Arriving to Kajak Camp, Bovec

Arvo: Cesoca- Srep2 Scenery Section ww II-III

Dinner at Bovec Airport

Morning: Bunkeri-Golobar-Cesoca ww II-IV (Soca canyon ww IV portagable)

Lunch: at Cesoca

Arvo: optional activity Zipline, Mountainbike

Morning: Srep1-Trnovo1 ww II-IV (Trnovo2 optional ww IV+)

Lunch: Zaga, Ucja

Arvo: optional activity Skydive, Scenic sunset flights

Evening: campfire by the river hidden places

Morning: Otona- Napoleon Bridge- Kobarid ww III-IV

Lunch: Camp Koren

Arvo: optional activity: Svinjak waterfall walk

Evening: Party at Bovec Airport

Morning: Koritnica III+( if runnable) or Srep1-Trnovo2

arvo: optional  Most na Soci Scenic beach kayaking 


See the river map

river map soca bovec

Other optional activities

*Bookings are essential and extra fee*


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Join us in Bovec on the stunning Soca River for a women's kayaking camp like no other. Dive into the thrill of kayaking, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a supportive community of fellow adventurers. It's not just an experience; it's a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Give the gift of fun, friendship, and unforgettable moments. Seize the opportunity to create lasting memories with kayak-zone.com. Let the adventure begin!

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Join our women kayaking camp and spread the good vibes around!

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