We provide 3 different sections to kayak on the Soča river

Adventuorus & Family friendly kayaking in Bovec
Double & Tandem kayak options

Once in a lifetime experiences in the Soča Valley in Slovenia. Discover the unique hidden places by kayaking. We provide 3 different section to kayak on the Soča river. Adventureous & Beginner & family friendly kayaking options in Bovec. Offering exclusive private trips on the Soča river . No experience needed, but 100% fun with family and friends. 

We specified on kayaking experiences in Bovec.
Soča river, excluisive kayaking tours on 3 different sections.

Panorama Beginner Section

Beginnner & family friendly
Including river permit
Location: Cesoča -Boka
River grade: II
Requirements: swimming knowledge
Kids from age 5 can sit in a double kayak with parents or guides
Private trips options
Duration: 3 hours/ 1,5 on the river
Photos included

Adventurous Scenic Section

Beginner friendly, but challenging
Including river permit
Location: Upper Soča
River grade: II-III+
Requirements: swimming knowledge, from age 8
Private trips option
Jumping opportunitiy
Duration: 3 hours /1,5 on the river
Photos included
most popular

Adrenalin Challenging Section

Challenging, for experienced
73 + €10 river permit
No permit includes
Location: Srep1-Trnovo1
River grade: III-IV
Requirements: swimming knowledge, from age 14, paddled before
Private tour options
Jumping opportunitiy
Duration: 3 hours / 1,5 on the river
Photos included

Ducky kayak trips

Inflatable Kayak trip from 68€ per trips

Perfect trip for everyone

Explore the river on a safe and fun way.
Learn more

Whitewater kayak course

1 - 5 days from 83€ per course

If you want to develop your skills

From beginner experiences to extreme adventures
Learn more

Kayak & adventure week

2-5 days Soča Valley discover

Discover the Soča Valley with various activities

customise your holiday
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What we can guarantee when kayaking with us

Small groups & family friendly

Rainy or sunny weather, we keep you warm!

Quality equipment

Lots of fun and laughter

10+ Years experience

By choosing our kayaking experiences you'll enjoy:

  • Small Group Adventures:

    Experience the Soča River's stunning beauty in an intimate setting. Our small group focus ensures personalized attention and an unforgettable journey. Private tour options are also available on request, click on bookings.

  • Expertise and Passion:

    With over 10 years of professional experience, and more than 20 kayaking, our skilled guides bring unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm to every trip. We almost know every rocks on Soča river 🙂

  • Comfort and Safety First:

    Enjoy the thrill without the chill. Our commitment to your comfort and safety is unwavering, thanks to our top-notch equipment. We provide 5mm neoprenes to keep you warm. Our quality PFD's are high flotation.

  • Adventure seekers Welcome

    Our super stayable Ducky kayaks gives us confidance, to take you more technical parts of the Soča river, than most companies. You can discover hidden places like no other 🙂

  • Family-Friendly Fun:

    Bring the whole family for an adventure that caters to all ages (from 5 YO). Our trips are designed to be inclusive, ensuring enjoyment for every member of your family.

Let's release your adventure soul

Soča river kayaking tours bovec

Perfectly fine tunes for adventureous people & family kayaking trips.

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Family friendly kayaking trips weave an enchanting tapestry of togetherness. Amidst tranquil waters, laughter rings out and bonds deepen. Children’s eyes sparkle at nature’s wonders, while parents find respite in the rhythmic strokes. Shared stories, curious creatures, and sunlit picnics paint a day of cherished memories. These moments etch into hearts, reminding all that in the embrace of nature and family, true magic resides

See you on the river 🙂

Soča Valley kayaking trips Bovec, double kayak trips for the best adventures
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