Family friendly kayaking in Bovec

Once in a lifetime experiences in the Soča Valley in Slovenia. We provide opportunities to discover the Soča river, unique hidden places by kayak. Family-friendly kayak company in Bovec offering courses and trips on the Soča river. No experience needed, but 100% fun with family and friends. 

Kayak "Ducky" Trip

Inflatable Kayak trip starting from 73€ p.P

Perfect trip for everyone

Explore the river on a safe and fun way.
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Kayak "G.o.a.t." course

1 - 5 days starting from 93€ per course

If you want to develop your skills

From beginner experiences to extreme adventures
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Kayaking Camp

5 days with up to 16 adventurous people

If you want to join a group of likeminded people

Join our kayaking camps for some action packed days among like-minded paddlers.
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Woman kayaking camp 2024

This is not just some kayaking trips, more like a community event with a bit of girl power gathering, encouraging each other to improve our skills in kayaking. Soca Valley is a dream destination for most kayakers from level II-V. This is a perfect event for you if you are new to this area and wanna discover the whole Valley and get the most out of it.

What we can guarantee when kayaking with us

Perfect for families & small groups

Rainy or sunny weather, we keep you warm!

Quality equipment

Lots of fun and laughter

10+ Years experience

By choosing our kayaking experiences you'll enjoy:

  • Small Group Adventures:

    Experience the Soča River's stunning beauty in an intimate setting. Our small group focus(8-10 people) ensures personalized attention and an unforgettable journey.

  • Expertise and Passion:

    With over 10 years of professional experience, and more than 20 kayaking, our skilled guides bring unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm to every trip.

  • Comfort and Safety First:

    Enjoy the thrill without the chill. Our commitment to your comfort and safety is unwavering, thanks to our top-notch equipment.

  • Family-Friendly Fun:

    Bring the whole family for an adventure that caters to all ages (from 6 YO). Our trips are designed to be inclusive, ensuring enjoyment for every member of your family.

family kayaking experience soca river bovec
Botond Kovács
Botond Kovács
A 2021-es szezon végén azt hittem, hogy már van valami közöm a kajakozáshoz, és rászántam magam a Soca "Tanpályára" - az elnevezést máig nem értem, szerintem a daráló vagy zúzda találóbb lenne. A probálkozás hamar kudarcba fulladt, mert az utamba kerülő első kavics gondoskodott róla, hogy átmenjek búvárba. Pár pillanattal később már szinkronúsztam a kajakommal és a lapátommal, aztán mivel senki nem értékelte a produkciót, a part felé indultam. Út közben kaptam egy maflást a kajaktól, és pár szikla is megcirógatott. A "Tanpálya" kiütéssel győzött. 2022-ben Zitával tértem vissza megszégyenülésem színhelyére. Rendesen tele volt a gatyám, de Zitaku annyira nyugodtan és pontosan kezdte magyarázni, hogy mi vár rám és hol mi a teendő, hogy lassan már csak a feladatra koncentráltam. Limányról-limányra haladtunk, a rövid pihenők közben pedig a következő szakasz itinerét hallgattam. A mutatott vonalak pontosak és biztonságosak voltak, a mosolyom meg egyre szélesebb.😃 Köszi Zita, nagyon klassz volt!
Drejc Podobnik
Drejc Podobnik
The best and cutest kayak guide in Soča valley. An unforgettable trip and the scenery everywhere is breathtaking. Our guide brought every single thing we did to life with her knowledge and enthusiasm for nature and kayaking. Just go and enjoy it.
Tamás Laszlovszky
Tamás Laszlovszky
Best kayak trip in the area! Nice ride with a lot of fun and with an awesome guide. Highly recommend it!
Great experience, suitable for complete beginners as well as for families with children (over 10 years old) Zita is a great guide, friendly and professional, we will definitely come again.
Zümrüt Öleş
Zümrüt Öleş
I wanted to go with the guide because I was very excited of the whole thing and she was sooo cool about it. It was a very good decision because I felt myself very safe with her. I also feel very lucky because I saw the upper section of the river. I highly recommend everyone to go with Zita. She is very funny, energetic and also very professional. She makes the ride worth it:)
Urban Meglič
Urban Meglič
Zita is the best kayak guide in whole Soca valley. I highly recommend it.
Sandra Barwich
Sandra Barwich
Zita is a lovely person. The trip was well organised. I felt safe all the time. The Duckie is very stable in the water. Thank you for a great time on the Soca.

Family-friendly kayaking trips weave an enchanting tapestry of togetherness. Amidst tranquil waters, laughter rings out and bonds deepen. Children’s eyes sparkle at nature’s wonders, while parents find respite in the rhythmic strokes. Shared stories, curious creatures, and sunlit picnics paint a day of cherished memories. These moments etch into hearts, reminding all that in the embrace of nature and family, true magic resides.

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