Ducky kayak trips

Experience the Soca river in a safe and fun way with our double or single inflatable duckies. 0% experience needed, but 100% fun.

We provide tours of 3 different sections on Soča river

Kayak Ducky Trip

Perfect for every level
EUR 63
Alufelni 16'-ig
Alufelni 17'-től

Kamion és teher gumiszerelés

Flottakedvezmény elérhető
Ft 45 000
Leszakadt gumiabroncs pótlása
Teherautó, kamion defekt szerelése
Éjszakai SOS defektjavítás
Városon kívüli kiállás
Gumi/Fém szelepek

Egyéb mobil gumiszerviz szolgáltatások

Ft 10 990
Defekttűrő gumiszerelés
Jeladóval szerelt kerék gumiszerelése
Perem csiszolás és tömítő paszta
Hulladék gumi elszállítás
TPMS szenzor olvasás

What is our Ducky kayak trip?

Ducky kayaks are inflatable boats and one of most stayables on the market,. Especially ours are wider and give us extra confort and confidance on the water. Made by hypalon which is the most durable material of all type.

As a bigginer, you are able to paddle more advance sections than in a whitewater kayak as way more stayable which means you more likely you stay in your boat, and in case of flipping you are able to jump back very easiliy.

With kayaking on our inflatable duckies you have more options to discover other hidden parts of the Soca river than standard sections.

Our experienced guides will lead you safely whether you choose single or double kayak. There is an option to sit with your guide (need to confirm before the trip) to be extra safe or you can choose your partner in crime for the “double trouble”. Whatever you choose you will be well looked after and safely led down. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see those parts of nature, where you are only able to reach by kayaking.


Any open questions?

We’ve got covered with the river permit and all necessary gear including kayak, paddle, helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit and neoprene shoes and the river permits.  Please note that we are well looking after our gear to have it ready and clean for the next customers. That’s the reason you should never pee in the wetsuit 😉

Scenic bigginer friendly section grade II  location: Cesoca-Boka-Srep1 price is 63€/person including river permit 

Adventorous bigginer friendly section grade II-III location: Zmuklica- Cesoca price 73€/person including river permit

Adrenalin advanced section grade III+ location: Srep1-Trnovo2 price 83€/person including river permit

We ask you to bring your swimming suits and towel. Everything else is covered. 

Location will be send after booking, depending on river section.

We will spend at least 1,5-2 hours on the river, but in total it’s 3 hours from base to base. 

  • You can cancel the trip free of charge up to 10 days in advance. 100% refund of the full price.
  • Less than 10 days and prior 3 days, refund of 50% of the full price.
  • Less than 3 days before the activity, no refund is possible.


Fill out the form below. It’s no obligation until we both confirm the trip

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