Write Introduction here. Before your book make sure you research some information about your trip so that you will have a great time and not a nightmare experience.

How much is Kayaking in Slovenia?

Kayaking trips vary between 50-90 euro in the Soca Valley. Here you’ll find our prices.

Do you know your guide? 

On our website in the team section you can get information about us, our background and qualifications. You are able to get to know us a bit before we hop on the river. Make sure your guide is well-trained and in shape for you and your family’s safety.

How much time are you spending on the water?

Being on the river is the quality time, and all the rest is just organisations (changing, driving etc). Make sure you get enough time on the water to get the best out of your trip. We spend 2 hours on the water if it’s a “Ducky” trip and 2,5 if It’s a whitewater “G.o.a.t. kayaking course. We operate only 2 trips a day, to make sure we have enough quality time for our customers.

Will you get quality equipment that is save?

 That one is really hard to know before your booking. However for us this is number one priority as it gives you the safest time meanwhile paddling. 

The best PFD (life vest) for the Soca 

Our PFD’s have one of the biggest flotations on the market, this is more important than you think. 

The right neoprene for the Soca

Our are 5mm thick, as well as our boots, which we can make sure you are warm enough, The water coming directly from the mountains. Despite being crystal clear, trust me it’s cold. It can vary between 11C-15C throughout the summer.

Your helmet for Kayaking

Our helmets not just protects your head and ear, but you will look fancy on the photos 🙂 

The best Kayak for a Soca trip

Our inflatable “Duckies” are the most stable on the market. 

They are wider than usual inflatables, which gives you comfort and confidence to paddle more challenging sections. That gives you the opportunity to paddle other, more challenging parts of the river. 

Made by Hypalon which is the most durable material.

And last but not least is much lighter, compare to plastic sit on tops. On your kayaking you need to carry your own boat to access the river and exit into the carpark.

Our double “ducky” gives you the opportunity to paddle with your loved ones in the same boat, you can stay close to your kids, friends, family members. 

You can also paddle with your partner in crime for “double trouble” or just choose your guide for double safety.

What about the food?

We make sure your sugar level doesn’t get low as well as your mood stay high 🙂  

On our boat is easy to connect any dry bags to have some picnic by the river.

Summary: What you need to know for booking kayaking on Soca

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