Guide to family kayaking on Soca with kids


Family kayaking: When it comes to embarking on a family adventure, the idea of kayaking down the exhilarating Soca River might stir up a whirlwind of emotions. Different ages, varying levels of motivation, adrenaline preferences, and differing abilities can feel like obstacles in the path of a perfect family trip.

But fear not – at Kayak Zone Bovec, we specialize in transforming these apprehensions into triumphs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of conquering these fears and creating unforgettable memories through kayaking with your family and kids.

Family kayaking with the perfect kayak

The journey begins with choosing the perfect kayak – a vessel that bridges the gaps between ages, adrenaline levels, and abilities. At Kayak Zone Bovec, we’ve tailored our fleet to cater to diverse needs:

  • Inflatable Kayaks (Duckies): Have you thought about how to connect the closest with this emerald river? With kayaking on our inflatable duckies you have more options to discover other hidden parts of the soca river than standard sections. Our experienced guides will lead you safely whether you choose single or double kayak. You can choose to sit with your guide to be extra safe or you can choose your partner in crime for the “double trouble”. Whatever you choose, you will be well looked after and safely led down. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see those parts of nature, where you are only able to reach by kayaking.
  • Closed Kayaks: For those seeking a power-packed adventure, closed kayaks offer the thrill of harnessing the river’s energy. Parents and older kids can conquer rapids while basking in the beauty of the Soca River’s landscape. It’s not recommended for younger kids and people who are afraid of flipping.

Choosing the perfect section for families on Soca

Navigating the Soca River is about more than just rapids – it’s about finding a section that aligns with your family’s dynamics. Each section caters to specific skill levels and preferences:

  • Beginner Section (Cesoca – Boka): For families looking to dip their paddles into the world of kayaking, the beginner section offers calm waters and gentle currents. It’s an excellent starting point for those with varying abilities and energy levels.
  • Intermediate Section (Golobar – Cesoca): Adventure awaits in the intermediate section, striking a balance between excitement and safety. Ideal for older kids and teens, these rapids provide an adrenaline rush that aligns with different comfort zones.
  • Advanced Section (Srpenica – Trnovo): Families with a taste for the extraordinary will relish the advanced section’s rapids and panoramas. The shared triumph of conquering these waters solidifies bonds, regardless of individual strengths.

Choosing the perfect guide for families in Bovec

At Kayak Zone Bovec, we understand that a seasoned guide can transform a journey. Our guide, Zita, is an expert in creating family memories on the river. With a knack for working with children and a love for kayaking, Zita ensures that every family member feels secure, engaged, and confident throughout the adventure.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Family Kayaking Adventure!

Fear, whether it’s based on age differences, adrenaline disparities, or varying abilities, should never hinder a family’s chance at an unforgettable adventure. Kayak Zone Bovec invites you to shed these fears and embrace the magic of the Soca River. With tailored experiences that cater to every family member, we’re here to create lasting memories. Contact us today to book your family’s kayaking trip and embark on a journey that bridges gaps and fosters togetherness amidst nature’s splendor.

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