Meet Csaba Baczó ala "Csabi"

Join me on this wild, waterlogged, and occasionally airborne escapade where we can blends expertise with a touch of humor, making the great outdoors accessible and enjoyable for you.

The worldly river virtuoso and seasoned adventurer with over 14 years of expertise navigating the scenic waters of Slovenia, Norway, Chile, England, Switzerland, and Washington state.
Armed with a degree in Environmental Engineering and by his love for nature, Csaba realized that a conventional office job wasn’t his thing yet. Choosing a more fulfilling path embracing the great outdoors, he transformed into an enthusiastic outdoor activity guide. 
Csaba’s journey included a wild ride through courses like Swiftwater Instructor training in Moab, IRF Trip leader 4 and a Level 4 Kayak Instructor course organized by the American Canoe Association in Pucon, as well as Whitewater rescue, and Canyoning courses in Slovenia. Catch him in his natural habitat
where he shares his love for the outdoors through activities like rafting, canyoning, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and his latest obsession, solo and tandem paragliding.
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